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Established in 1984, CBI’s initial focus was to create critical links between US government-sponsored economic development programs and commercial markets in an effort to create new companies that could succeed as self-sustainable.

CBI was born out of the vision of USAID as a way to promote democracy and economic development in third world nations. USAID enlisted National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) to form Cooperative Business International (CBI) in 1984 to develop cooperative business relationships with developing countries throughout the world.

CBI rapidly developed a successful track record of identifying market opportunities in both developed and emerging countries.

The founding members of CBI believed the cooperative structure was an ideal way to promote democratic values, shared ownership in business, and to better the lives of those who belonged to the cooperative.

A cooperative invests in the community in which it lives and operates, thereby strengthening strategic supply chains and improving it’s surrounding community.

In 1994, CBI expanded its focus to trade and broker high quality agricultural products for its own account and dramatic growth ensued. Today, CBI is a leading international trade and market development company that offers high quality agricultural products serving the food and beverage, feed, and industrial markets.

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CBI Global Presence

With special attention to our core values, we have evolved to become a global company with a presence in a number of countries and a world wide reach.

Ohio, USA
Maryland, USA
Spices & Flavors
Marketing and Warehousing
Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Green Coffee processing facilities
Sumatra, Indonesia
Coffee & Spices processing facilities
Klaten, Central Java
South East Asia Main Office
East Timor, Indonesia
Green coffee processing facilities
Sulawesi, Indonesia
Green coffee processing facilities

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CBI is dedicated to ensuring success for our strategic partners through the development of sustainable value chains. This enables us to deliver the highest quality products and exceed customer expectations.
We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages personal growth and enrichment for our team. Our senior management plans and implements our vision and mission, focusing on achieving results in the short and long-term.



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