CBI, Inc., also known as CBI Global, is a leading international procurement, processing, and export company. We work with hundreds of thousands of smallholder coffee and spice producers primarily in SE Asia. Through these partnerships, we offer premium quality agricultural products that meet the tailored needs, specifications, and expectations of leading industrial processors and retailers within the food and beverage space.

CBI is a pioneer and leader in combining these production partnership efforts with corporate social responsibility and sustainability. While other companies have struggled to adapt to demands for transparency, sound environmental stewardship and ethical, social, and labor certifications, CBI’s practices have been rooted in these ideals since we began.

Our success is a result of our focus on:

    • Our Value Chain.  The foundation of our value chain is built on improving the quality of life for our suppliers (growers/producers). When CBI began operations in 1984, growers did not receive a fair value for their production. In addition, the approach to determine value and product price used by other buyers changed constantly. As a result, growers couldn’t adequately meet the financial needs of their families. CBI addressed this by adapting the market in two ways. First, we restructured the value chain; the savings were used to pay growers a fair price based on the quality of their products.  In addition, we implemented consistency. CBI was the first to provide farmers with consistent standards and training on how to improve quality and add value to products. These changes resulted in a consistent and fair market for producers and a sustainable source of high quality products.
    • Implementing best practices in procurement and processing. This results in safe, exceptional-quality products.
    • Developing enduring strategic alliances with key international clients to align our products with consumer preferences and taste profiles.
    • Achieving and maintaining product, social, ethical, labor and environmental certifications including Organic, Fair Trade, and CAFÉ Practices for decades.


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    CBI is engaged in two primary business lines:  Coffee and Spices. We also “pay it forward” to communities and suppliers in developing countries through our targeted Business Services.  Click on each icon to learn more.