CBI Global is a leading international company active in development, management and growth of value added businesses, with
a focus on three main strategic business models:

  • Global Production, Processing and Marketing of value added agricultural and consumer products
  • Integrated Marketing and Export Management for firms seeking to penetrate and
    develop new markets in both emerging and mature markets
  • Strategic Business Services offered to for-profit and non-profit entities

CBI Global is engaged in four main business areas:
CBI 全球 是一家在发展、管理和促进增值业务中领先的国际公司,主要战略商业模式集中在以下三个方面:

  • 全球生产、加工和营销增值农产品及消费产品
  • 为同时在新兴和成熟市场中寻求渗透和发展新领域的公司提供整合营销和出口管理
  • 为盈利和非盈利组织提供战略商业服务

CBI全球 的五大业务领域为:咖啡香料家用设备商业服务

Coffee Spices & Flavors Home Furnishings Business Services