CBI Spices & Flavorings, through our subsidiaries and affiliates, focuses on sourcing, processing and marketing high quality products as well as offering value added services related to the industry. The spice team leads a vertically integrated network whose participants share a strategic vision focused on value creation:
  • Growers offer us the best quality product which rewards them with a higher financial return.
  • Our networks of processing facilities receives the best product and are able to focus on adding value to the product.
  • Our marketing team focuses on creating efficiencies to deliver the quality and service our customers value.
  • Our value added services team consolidates the efforts as they offer specialized quality control and distribution support
Our network provides customers with quality and consistency of products and services that meet their unique standards and delivery requirements.

PT CBI INDONESIA, through its main
office located in Klaten, Central Java serves
as the central office for this region, offering processing and exporting of:
  • Natural Vanilla
  • Black Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • Mace
CBI’s North American Joint Venture operation, Select Products and Flavors, through it’s facility located in West Minster, MD, offers storage, quality control, processing and specialized handling of spices and flavors. Furthermore, it offers distribution and sales of natural vanilla from some of the finest origins:
  • Madagascar
  • Indonesia & Papua New Guinea
  • Tanzania & Uganda