CBI Home Furnishings through its subsidiaries and affiliates focuses on designing, producing and marketing high-end quality home products. Consistent with our vision, this product category is an example of how we fulfill our responsibility to be a driver of growth, progress and prosperity in each location where we interact.
  • The Home Furnishings team is responsible for the design and production of two fine-quality furniture lines.
  • Our efforts have created a new job market and a higher standard of living for Indonesian employees.
  • We offer our customers high-quality, reliable products at competitive prices, which allows them to build brands as high-end home furnishings.
  • Accordingly and consistent with our vision and heritage, we are a driver of economic development to participants in our value chain.
This strong, hard wood with a red hue
and fine grain patterns is used to build
pieces sold by high-end retailers in the world.

This hard, closely grained wood is
high in natural oils, which allows for great endurance. This wood is exceptional for
outdoor use and is in great demand by retailers
and specialty garden centers.