CBI Coffee, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, focuses on sourcing and processing specialty and high grade commercial green coffee from the finest origins and market it throughout the world. Involved at every operating level in the country of origin, the coffee team ensures increased efficiency and improved quality. We have an inclusive managerial and operational process:
  • Work with growers to improve quality and standards at the plantation/grower level.
  • Use our state of the art processing and milling facilities, or in some cases, work with independent processors to obtain the highest quality coffees available to market.
  • Handle export functions for all our locations and market the coffees to importer and roasters around the world.
  • Maintain continuous communication with the value chain as we deliver effective marketing solutions.
  • In some sales regions, maintain representative offices to directly serve our customers.
As a result, we offer the highest quality coffees at competitive prices.
CBI 咖啡业务集中在获得并加工上好原产地的特有高级别商业生咖啡,营销到世界各地。 CBI全球 通过参与到原产地每个操作环节确保高效、高质。我们有一套包容性的管理和操作流程:
  • 生长环节中和种植者一起工作改善质量和标准
  • 使用当前加工工艺和处理设施,有时甚至使用单独的处理设备,以获得满足市场需要的高质量咖啡
  • 为我们各地市场经营咖啡出口业务并为进口商在全球销售和烘焙咖啡
  • 与价值链保持联系的同时提供有效的市场解决方案
  • 在某些销售地区设立办公室为客户提供直接服务
PT CBI INDONESIA, through its
Indonesian Subsidiary companies
Offers processing and exporting of green coffee from some of the finest origins in the region:
  • Sumatra
  • Banda Aceh
  • Sulawesi
  • East Timor
  • 苏门答腊
  • 班达亚齐
  • 苏拉威西(印尼)
  • 东帝汶
  • Process - The coffee team processes and exports over 30 million pounds of the world’s highest quality Green Arabica coffee annually.
  • Quality - The “Specialty Coffee Association of America” or (SCAA) typically rates our coffees with a score of 76-85 and some at higher ratings. We consistently delight our customers with our product quality.
  • Business Partner - The coffee team has limited volumes of the highest grade specialty coffees available that can be offered to the most discerning roasters and buyers only.
  • Marketing process for green coffee
    1. The first step begins with the initial inquiry. Request for offers will establish the basis for our future relationship and will require the usual exchange of company information such as:
      • number of years your company has been in the coffee import business;
      • the total annual imports of coffee or purchase volumes;
      • your credit rating, bank references and or trade references;
      • documentations and processes required for coffee import in China;
      • the volume and quality that you are interested in purchasing;
      • where you would like samples to be sent.
    2. Offer. Once the samples have been evaluated by the buyer and accepted, a price, quantity, and delivery period offer will be made. Acceptance by buyer is normally within 24 hours of offer.
    3. Delivery. Once our business relationship is established and our quality has been proven after the first smaller shipment, we typically take offers of a about 10 containers at one time in order to keep the price competitive relative to the costs of the shipping and quality documentation preparation as well as other related transaction costs.
  • Business Goal - Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with roasters of high quality coffee that seek to maintain a reliable supply rather than to seek only the lowest prices daily. We fully expect our customers to adhere to the terms of the agreement exactly as this will keep the costs and risks associated with these sales to a minimum.
  • 生产 - CBI每年生产并出口4千万磅世界最高级别的阿拉比卡生咖啡。CBI预将产于尼加拉瓜、萨尔瓦多、洪都拉斯的咖啡投入中国市场。
  • 级别 - CBI是尼加拉瓜咖啡的第三大出口商,出口的咖啡被专业杯测者誉为最高级的阿拉比卡生咖啡SHG(Strictly High Grown咖啡豆硬度越高,生长的高度越高,也越贵)。美国专业咖啡协会(SCAA)给我们咖啡的评分为76-85甚至更高。
  • 业务伙伴 - CBI仅为最识货的烘焙厂和购买商提供有限容量的产自中美洲和印度尼西亚的高级别咖啡。
  • 已烘焙咖啡贸易 - 对有兴趣进口已烘焙咖啡者,CBI可以提供高质量自有品牌12盎司塑料真空包装的已烘焙咖啡,或者你们自己烘焙冠以你们品牌。
  • 生咖啡的销售流程
    1. 第一步:初询。作为建立我们未来关系的基础,向CBI询价前,惯例请交换贵公司信息,包括:
      • 贵司从事咖啡进口业务年数
      • 年进口咖啡量
      • 贵司的信用评级、银行或贸易参考
      • 中国对咖啡进口的文件和流程
      • 贵司意向进口的数量和级别
      • 样品寄到哪里
    2. 第二步:报价 一旦购买商对样品评估并接受,CBI即确认价格、数量、交货期,此报价24小时内有效。
    3. 第三步:交货 双方业务关系达成后,并且认可经过首批少量进口的咖啡种类,考虑到运输的成本和准备文件等交易费用,CBI将一次性提供大约10个集装箱,以保证价格优势。
  • 贸易的目标 - CBI的目标是和旨在烘焙出高质量咖啡商建立长期合作,成为他们可靠咖啡来源的供应商,不是一味地追求低价。我们真诚地希望我们的合作伙伴严格遵守销售合同条款,这将保证成本控制和降低销售风险