CBI is committed to the success of the communities and people with which we work, and in supporting developing countries and people who live in these areas.  We use our expertise in growing value-added businesses, international trade, management, and marketing to add value, improve the livelihood of families, and the success of local businesses. Examples include:

  • Connecting businesses with international markets. CBI partners with an Indonesian firm, PT Alis Jaya Ciptatama, to extend their marketing efforts. PT Alis Jaya Ciptatama designs and produces upscale furnishings in Mahogany and Teak for distinctive homes. The expanded markets provide job stability, growth, and prosperity for the employees and their families.
  • USDA Food Aid. CBI partners with NGOs, PVOs, and foreign governments who have program oversight for monetizing donated products. We support conversion of the donated product into a form of local currency at market value. The proceeds from these monetization activities are targeted for humanitarian and economic development efforts in developing countries.
  • CBI brings our expertise in trade, logistics, marketing, advertising, and program management to determine how and where to best monetize the commodities.  After this is completed, we execute the sale for our clients. Our goal is to maximize the value of the donation and the value to the targeted beneficiaries. Monetization funds are directed toward critical needs including:
    • Infrastructure development (roads, bridges, etc.)
    • Schools
    • Clinics
    • Technical assistance to improve agriculture production
    • Other critical beneficiary needs.


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    • Economic Development Partnerships. Development partnerships are established to expand the economic wellbeing of beneficiary growers in developing or distressed areas of the world. They are done in partnership with major corporations and government development agencies.
    • CBI supports the viability of each project by supplying technical assistance, fixed investments in products, market access, and working capital to purchase goods which contribute to the value chain. It is a comprehensive development effort; we introduce the agricultural product to growers, provide technical assistance to maximize their yields, process the crop to maximize the quality, and provide access to an international market.
    • These activities increase the growers’ income and their confidence in adding a new crop to their farming operation. As part of this effort, we often team with a partner who generates market leverage by building the underlying business structure.

    Learn more about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by going to About Us: Corporate Social Responsibility.