CBI Global strives to develop, manage and grow value added businesses as we deliver strategic results to our owners and stakeholders. Our mission contains five core elements:


  • Develop: We create, expand and implement ideas as we transform them into value creation activities. We continuously evaluate opportunities, implement strategies and foster innovation.
  • Manage: As ideas materialize, our global team provides skillful strategic and tactical direction as they engage in daily operations.
  • Grow: We strive for continuous strategic growth in every business. Our conviction for strategic growth directs our individual and collective efforts towards increasing value.
  • Value Added Businesses: Engagement in any business endeavor requires our actions to positively influence all of our stakeholders, who are diverse in nature, location and needs: owners, investors, team members, business partners, customers and the community. Our decisions are strategic, ethical and sustainable. They deliver valuable results to every entity.
  • Global: We recognize that opportunities to develop, manage and grow value added businesses are found around the world. CBI Global strategically allocates resources in different parts of the globe as required by each specific enterprise.


CBI全球 致力于发展、管理和成长增值业务,为我们的所有者和利益共同者提供战略成果。我们的使命包含五个主要因素:


  • 发展:我们创立、开拓和实施理念,并转化成价值增长的活动。我们不断地评估机会,执行战略并扶持革新。
  • 管理:在理念实质化过程中,我们全球的团队提供精明的战略战术于他们的日常工作中。
  • 成长: 我们力求各项业务持续战略性的成长。我们战略成长的信念指导我们个人和集体朝着增值的方向努力。
  • 增值业务: 在各项业务中的努力需要我们的行动对我们不同性质、地区和需求的利益相关者产生积极的影响,他们是:所有者、投资者、团员、业务伙伴、客户和社区。我们的决定是战略性的、正确的和持续发展的。它们给各个实体有价值的成果。
  • 全球: 我们看到世界各地发展、管理和成长增值业务的机会。CBI全球 战略性地在全球分配资源以满足各个实体的需要。