Our Vision and Values

CBI Global's vision is to deliver strategic results to our stakeholders: owners, investors, team members, business partners, customers and the communities where we interact. We look both inward and outward as we foster our core values and strive to positively impact four dimensions of our influence:

  • Our People
  • Our Partners
  • Our Industry
  • Our Communities


CBI全球 的视角是为利益相关者提供战略成果,与我们互动的他们有:所有者、投资商、团队成员、业务伙伴、客户和社区。我们在内部和外部共同培育我们的核心价值,力求在以下四个方面产生积极的影响:

  • 民众
  • 伙伴
  • 行业
  • 社区


CBI Global is founded on specific core values. These are embraced in each of our decisions and actions; from launching new initiatives, allocating resources and developing our team to delivering an outstanding service and quality products. These core values are interrelated and are the foundation for how we interact with our people, partners, industry and community.